LAYAYA Imaginarium Studios

by Jo Hughes


Our studio is a wonderful place where young people can come together in a safe and positive environment to create and express themselves as they work together and learn important life skills.  While the Layaya Imaginarium Studios offers limitless opportunities for growth, expression, peer support, mentor support and much more – we are limited in the number of youth that we can accommodate at the studio because of  limited resources.  

We can only do what we do with the help of our “Friends of Layaya” supporters!  Your donation would help us meet the financial obligations of keeping this vital resource available for our youth.  We hope that we can count on you as a sponsor with a donation towards our goal today. It is an investment in our innovative leaders of tomorrow!  

We make every dollar count and donations of any size are welcome and appreciated!  Please consider making a donation towards our fund drive goal today as we work towards opening up more opportunities.

Every dollar adds up to a brighter future for our youth! 

You can donate online by clicking the DONATE NOW button at the top of this page or by sending a check to LAYAYA  8186 Highway 23 Suite D  Belle Chasse, LA 70037.   We also invite you to make an appointment to come see the studio and witness first hand all of the amazing things happening at Layaya Imaginarium!  To make an appointment email us at [email protected] or call (504)345-YAYA  or 504-345-9292.