by Jo Hughes



The first step to becoming a LAYAYA artist, writer or performer is the application meeting. A parent or legal guardian must complete the request for an application meeting below and attend the meeting with the applicant.  

*Application period is subject to end early once all available spaces have been filled. Space is limited in each class and each department.

Application meetings are scheduled in order that the requests are received.  

Applicants must meet the following criteria to apply:

Applicant must be between the ages of  7-21 years of age at the time that they apply.  (You must be at least 12 years old to participate in creative writing and unless otherwise noted in our theater and film departments.)

Applicants must be willing and able to attend weekly scheduled sessions.

Applicants must be dedicated to growing in the arts and willing to fully participate in the individual, group & community projects.

Membership is by application only. Participation is limited in each age group, department and skill level.  

VISUAL ARTS - Drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery & more!

"Lil Ya" Visual Arts Class (VA1) (Grades 1-4) meets directly after school each Thursday. (Many take the school bus directly to the studio. Class officially starts at 3:45pm. Class ends at 510pm.   Our VA 1 class follows the school calendar during the school year and we have expanded to continue VA1 through the summer.  We do not have classes during school  year holiday breaks.    

YAYA Art (VA2) - Intermediate. (Grades 5-12+) - This class meets directly after school each Friday. Class officially ends at 530pm but students are welcome to stay as late as 7pm to work on projects in progress or group projects on class days and may attend open studio days to work on projects in progress. VA2 is a year-round program. 

CREATIVE WRITING - Published author program (fiction, nonfiction, poetry), journalism

Writers must be able to work at the studio for sessions at  least 3 times per month or attend virtually. They are also required to write for a minimum of 1 hour per week at home and submit work via email. Students must be 12 years old to apply.   

PERFORMING ARTS -  We will add 3-4 new members to our POD CAST film class starting March 2022! 


Our “Troupe YaYa” class (ages 12-21) is offered Thursdays 515-7pm.  We will accept up to 12 students for “Troupe YaYa” . We are not taking applications at this time but are forming an application list so that we can contact interested actors for auditions once scheduled.  Theater Troupe members must be able to attend additional rehearsals and prep days as we near a performance. 

As we near performance time there will be some cross-over on class time so that the students can work together on the project.

Music Study & Performance - Our music department meets Friday evenings 715pm-830pm. Students must audition for this department.  Participants must be able to attend additional rehearsals as we prepare for a performance.  Students are auditioned for this department and must be able to read music.

Culinary Arts - Culinary Arts are workshop based. Students must attend our CA101 workshop prior to participating in our regular CA Workshops. Our CA101 is a one day workshop offered 3-4 times per year which covers kitchen safety, avoiding cross contamination in the kitchen, how to adapt and even invent recipes as well as other important information that the chefs need to know before they start cooking. CA Workshops & CA101 are announced on our Facebook page.  

Adulting 101 - S.T.E.P. - Our popular Adulting 101 - S.T.E.P. (Skills That Encourage Prosperity) series will start a new session Feb 2019!  Stay tuned for details. 



1) Complete  the online application meeting request below and press SEND MESSAGE. 

2) Your application appointment will be scheduled and you will be notified via email to confirm or schedule your appointment.  You will be asked to email (or bring to the meeting) samples of any work in the art form that you may have done (stories, poetry or papers written for creative writing, photos of drawing, paintings, etc for visual arts, etc)  Performing arts applicants may also be sent audition materials to read/perform at the meeting.  These  items will based on experience level indicated as well as age. Performing arts applicants need not memorize the material for the audition.

4) Come to your interview! RELAX - our interviews are very casual and nothing to be stressed or nervous about at all! We simply will meet and chat about why you want to participate and what you hope to accomplish. We also explain the program and what is expected  as well as take any questions the parents or applicants may have while you get a chance to see the studio.

5) Within a few days you will get an email concerning the interview/audition and if placed in the program any information needed about start dates and paperwork. 

LAYAYA is a long term study program. Most LAYAYA participants come into the program in early middle school and stay engaged through college.  Unless we expand programming, there are times when space is not available in some departments.  Because we receive no federal, state or parish funding and operate as an all volunteer program, it is difficult to add additional study days to expand the number of members that we can take.  

Each new LAYAYA participant is assigned at least one LAYAYA Peer Mentor. Our LAYAYA Peer Leaders are LAYAYA participants who are close in age to the participant but who have completed the six month LIT (Leader in Training) program and who are a long-term member of LAYAYA. This affords the new participant an extra layer of support in the studio and beyond. It is a great way to assist in making friends, navigating some of the topics that our youth today are confronted with and to have an extra bit of support in the creative process.  


Thank you for your interest in LAYAYA. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your application appointment request. Should you have any questions feel free to call or email us. [email protected] PH:(504) 345-9292
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