Louisiana Folk Art

by Jo Hughes


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Layaya is about supporting the dreams of young people to create something that they want to see exist in the world and giving them a roadmap to their best future. In addition to art education, we remind young people that their emotions and ideas are equally worthy of respect and expression. LAYAYA gives our youth a vehicle to form lasting relationships based in support, encouragement, and respect.  We provide opportunities for youth to mentor their peers, run programs, and serve as authentic advisors in the administration of Layaya. These dedicated young people strive to help the community with service projects and they also learn the business and creative sides of the art world – making and keeping the funds generated by the artwork that they create in our ARTrepreneur  Program.   Layaya is dedicated to highlighting the unique talents of these young people and assisting them to develop those talents as far as they wish. 

Layaya empowers the youth members to be the leaders, managers, decision makers and successful artists. 

 By simply giving them skills to organize, encouragement, permission for expression, a studio to gather, peer  and mentor support, instruction and teaching them about a real sense of dedication LAYAYA serves as a springboard for success for our next generation AND for our Community as a whole!


We will add a younger group for our Performing Arts - Acting Class and 
expand our Troupe LAYAYA 
Theater/Acting classes. 
 LAYAYA Alumni Shelby Bergeron will officially join our team as an instructor 
for the Acting/Theater classes to begin Jan 10. Shelby returns to LAYAYA from LSU with a BA in Theater/Film and will 
direct the classes. Summer session registering April 2! 

 We will add additional students to our 
"Lil Ya" (grades K - 4) Visual Arts class and will accept up to 10 additional Visual Arts members for our intermediate LAYAYA Visual Arts studio sessions.

Our Creative Writing class will expand to include 6 additional writers and aspiring authors and journalists .

Our music department is growing! Stay tuned for the official announcement about our music program!

We will offer something for adults each month as well with our TherARTpy Art & Crafting Sessions for ages 21 and up!  We will offer a fun night for adults to gather to share creative,  fun time together!

ADULTING 101 - is a series of workshops open to students grades 6-8 and 9-12. We will cover a variety of topics and real life skills that young adults need as they prepare to go into the world. Our S.T.E.P. Workshops and classes (Skills That Encourage Prosperity) cover vital skills  that are needed in everyday life as a young adult. Adulting 101 - STEP workshops help fill the gap for those skills and offers participants mentoring and planning towards their best future!    

*Space is limited in each department! 

LAYAYA prohibits discrimination against any member of the LAYAYA community on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, genetic information, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, or status as a veteran. We believe that diversity among members strengthens the organization, stimulates creativity, promotes the exchange of ideas, and enriches life.